Fictionmania, submitted by Algernon. At Fictionmania, they're CRAZY about fiction! Specifically, they're crazy about transgender fiction depicting men acting like or actually becoming women through mundane, scientific, magical, or mystical means. This is a niche of the fiction world that just needed to be filled, apparently, and Fictionmania has filled it to the bursting point with creamy, white fiction. Nothing gets people off better than creepy erotica about being being utterly degraded by the people they trust and love!

"Y-you called me Patty," he whimpered. "While we were making love."
"Honey, that was just *role play*." I turned him over and kissed him.
"Besides, who am I in bed with right now, you or Patty?"
"Me," John said, weakly.
"That's right and I love you," I said. "It's just that sometimes I need
more." I tweaked his nipple and then a little harder until he gasped.
"And I've always understood that you were more fem than butch. And
Sweetie, if you need to pretend to be Patty in order to let go and be a
more passionate lover, it's okay by me. In fact, I think it is
wonderful as long as you can fuck me again. Fuck me like you did
tonight. God, you were an animal."
"But, honey," he whined. "That wasn't me tonight."
"I know dear, you were Patty for tonight," I said. Then I realized that
something was still bothering him. "What's wrong, is Johnny feeling
ignored. Don't worry baby, we can be as femmy as you want for the rest
of the night."

That's some of the more sophisticated work available for the discerning reader. If that's not your style, there's always this:

"Let's play dress up!"

She got out a frilly white petticoat dress with a bow in the back. She slipped it on him and he suddenly felt an orgasm.,

"Hey I'm not supposed to be turned on by this!"

"It feels so lovely doesn't it sweetie? You're such a baby girl." she slapped his bottom.

He felt his satin dress around him and got another orgasm. She put pink frilly plastic panties on him and kissed him. Which made him blush.

Spectacular. Hey, maybe we'll get lucky and the terrorists will just bomb the servers that host this crap.

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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