Free World Alliance, submitted by Crumb Bum. I love conspiracy theorists and Anthony J. Hilder appears to be one of the most prolific and schizophrenic. Usually conspiracy theorists either stay out of politics and ponder alien or supernatural theories or they pick either conservative or liberal conspiracy theories and go with that. Hilder entertains several alien theories, but also embraces the theories of both the far left and the far right, directing particular and oddly chosen hatred towards Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Larry Patterson, a former Arkansas State Trooper and Clinton Bodyguard, validated Hitlery's coarse comments about those of the Jewish faith on the Hannity & Combe Show over FOX TV. Patterson says the First Lady's anti-semitic castigations like "that Jew Mother Fucker" were quite frequent, along with her references to certain blacks as "Niggers." To his credit, Adolf Hitler was at least open about his sentiment towards Jews and Blacks. Hitler never tried to hide his hatred as does many of today's Democratic Demagogues.

Oh, but Bill isn't the only one who gets the treatment. In his review of the shitty thriller "The Skulls", Mr. Hilder has opted to also review President George W. Bush.

Do I think that George Bush, Jr. will get questioned over his membership in the Skull & Bones now that the picture is being released? Most assuredly! Conspiracy buffs, Talk Show Hosts, Writers, Researchers, and legitimate Liberal and Conservative Reporters alike will have a field day over this phenomenonal flick. It will give them an opportunity to raise the issue of the Satanic nature of the Skull & Bones. Some of them, recognizing the Skulls' Luciferian Links will want to drive a wooden stake into the vampirian heart of Bush and the other Blood Suckers from this Faustian Fratemity, who were bom from the bowels of the Illuminati Elite.

Then he naturally progresses into a lunatic castigation of what is considered by many (not including me) one of the best movies of the past several years.

The New American Magazine for April 2000 entitIes its review of Spielberg's Sicko Flicko AMERICAN DEPRAVITY. Fox News labels it ANTI AMERICAN. Quite naturally, the Clintons would love it and they did. The Advocate, a leading homosexual "Fag Mag," got a personal call from the First Lady, (according to Dan .Jinks, the film's co-producer) to tell them for their March 28 issue "how much she and the President loved American Beauty." The New American describes "UGLY" as extolling the "redemptive power of adultery, adolescent self-indulgence, drug use and sexual degeneracy." They call it a "celluloid assault" by Hollywood's homosexual "Velvet Mafia" upon conventional American values.

Let's not forget about those aliens, which he rants about at length and also takes time out to attack Henry Kissinger.

We know that Dr. Henry “Bore” Kissinger is one of the key players in their game of international Chess. He supports the Communist Chinese through Kissinger & Associates, engineered the defeat of our forces in Vietnam, and has engaged in countless acts of “High Treason” for 40 years. Herr Kissinger considers our people to be expendable pawns, sacrificeable, sheeple, mere “useless eaters” in their game for Global Government. Kissinger suggests in his speech before the Bilderbergers in 1991 in Evian, Les-Bains, France that the people will be willing to relinquish their rights to a World Government if there was “a threat from beyond” (outer space), whether “real or promulgated.” Is there such a threat in the works being developed at Area 51? We considered that a very real possibility that must not be ignored. These people are deadly serious, and like Adolf Hitler dream of a world dictatorship.

Ladies and gentleman, this is a rare clear example of one of the people who vote for Lyndon LaRouche every four years. Even though I can't find any references to LaRouche on the site, I know with bone-deep certainty that Mr. Hilder love Lyndon LaRouche. I can't imagine him forming an alliance with anyone else. Okay, maybe Trafficant. Beam me up.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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