Dark Carnival Killas, submitted by heliX--. This all-Juggalo CS clan has much more content than the average site, having mutated into a mostly-Juggalo themed Livejournal style web site in which the author "Lil Shank" talks about his music and posts videos of him with Hanes over his face rolling joints ineptly.

Sup juggalos/lettes, since i been working and putting most my spare time to a new song i doing i don't have much news for ya, but while looking thru some files i came across something i made a little while back and thought some of u mite be bored and wanna check it out.

It's called Smoking With Shank and i basically show u how to roll a doobie, it's nothing special and i was hella baked and just getting over a super nasty cold when i did this so don't expect to much. It's more or less something i never planned to put out but i feel bad not having anything of interest to say so hopefully if any of you are bored you'll check this out.

Smoking With Shank

[edited by Lil_Shank]

[edited by Lil_Shank]

I guess that took Lil Shank a few tries to get right. What I'm wondering is what exactly did he edit? It definitely wasn't grammar or spelling. My favorite aspect of the site - despite how truly wonderful that 20 meg video of him rolling a joint was - is definitely the list of Juggalo CS clan members. There are a lot of them, and boy do they all have stupid names.

-Lil Shank- -Shaggy 2 Dope- -Ringmaster- -Great Milenko-
--Old School Pervert- -Psychopathic Ryda- -Cemetary Girl- Mutant X
-Jugga Lugga Lo- -Mad Professor- -Maniac Killa-
-SuperUnKnown- -Willy Bubba- -The Wraith- -Madrox-
-Tin Tizzy- -Carnival of Carnage- -Hom Sha Bom- -Mirror Mirror-
-Chicken Hunter- -Gang Related-
-Cotton Candy- -Pumpkin Carver- -Toxic Love- Blaze
-Phorck Woot- -Mr.Rotten Treats- -Deadbody Man- -Indiana Bones-
-Broken Wingz- -Big Money Hustla-
-Bizzar Bizaar- -Tha Stalker- -Hektik- -Hollow Tip-
-Cryptic Ninja- -Dark Lotus- -Mr.Happy-
-JuggaloSavage- -Rendition of Reality- -Hack Benjamin- Black Rain
-Mostasteless- -Batman- -Meat Cleaver-
-Liquid Friend- -Marsh Lagoon- -EchoSide-
-Intro- -Kotton Mouth King- -Skitsofrantic-
-BigBabySweets- -Lil Poot- -Piggy Pie- -Boogie Woogie-
-Redneck Hoe- -Violent J- -Mirror Mirror- -RockThaDead- -Riddle Box-

Many of those would be right at home in any CS clan but I love names like "Riddle Box" and "Carnival of Carnage". These names gain an extra dimension of stupidity when you couple them with the images in their pictures section which are all Counter Strike terrorist models. Yeah, Shaggy 2 Dope is a guy in urban camo in a ski mask with a Galil!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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