Prophecies Given To Apostle Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia, submitted by ComradeAwful. Just when I thought I heard everything about this goddamn election, now comes this stupid site.

"If you stand by and do nothing and do not vote or intercede in prayer, the Democrats will win the next Presidential election and the blood will flow in this land and the innocent will be in prison, for they will be accused of crimes they did not commit. John Kerry and his wife are servants of satan, make no mistake, and they will not even feign holiness. You have been warned!" - from Prophecy 75

Fortunately this crazy broad shuts up about the election and focuses mostly on the insane prophecies God provides her as one of his many services to the mentally insane. If you want more reason as to why I enjoy smashing human civilization, read them and weep!

– A Humble Monster (@Livestock)

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