Tremendous Tit Tales, submitted by Travesty. Can there really be too much of a good thing? Today's awful link answers that question pretty clearly I think. Sure I like boobies, who doesn't? But titanic, veiny, boobs that are the size of Hondas that have their own gravitational pull is another matter. How can anybody be sexually attracted to the idea of breasts so large that they are inhuman and ridiculous? It also seems like this fetish site is not only obsessive with huge boobs, but huge lactating boobs as well. Most of the story summery's include some kind of gargantuan boob squirting milk into some poor saps eyes and then smothering him to death with their nipples. Unfortunately we can only read the summary's of these tales because you have to order the stories and then they will be shipped to your house and everybody on the block will know you read Tremendous Tit Tales. Let's just read a little preview to see if it's worth the price.

"Mammoth Milk-Mistresses"
Dr. D's lady-lab-assistant likes to show up late for work, chat on the phone--and completely ignore him...until she mistakes a chemical for her diet soda, and the Brit twit soon finds her boobs are ballooning full of milk! Her hormones also go wild, and she screws the doc like crazy! The doctor's wife catches them in the act--yet the Mrs. and the Mistress team up against him... and use their huge nipples to cruel advantage!

"Barbara's Bewitched Boobs"
To call Barbara "fickle" would be putting it mildly: this dame is as cold and calculating as Einstein in a freezer! Yet, in bed, she's as hot as molten lava slathered in pepper sauce! She meets her match in the form of a mysterious man, who runs a strip-club filled with whoppingly-endowed women! Barbara has sex with him--and her breasts become hexed! He's the only one who can stop her boobs from growing...and growing!

Molten lava slathered in pepper sauce. That's talented writing right there folks, and well worth the price it costs to feed a family in Africa for a week. I really wonder if this fetish is rooted in men who somehow can't get over their mother's breastfeeding stage of childhood. Think about it, how the breasts would be huge to a baby combined with the whole lactating thing. Oh I got these sickos figured out now. I'm sending this to the board of Psychiatry, and I expect a large finders fee or at least a free meal at Applebees.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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