Quite frequently, the Comedy Goldmine showcases MS Paints and Photoshops. But the SA Forum Goons make all kinds of other things, too, and I mean tangible things you could actually throw across a room, though that would be awfully rude! Masks, mini-sculptures, cakes, pipe-cleaner animals, a boat: The Goons have much more to show for their hobbies in the form of displayable results than I do for mine (drinking whiskey, debridement). There are also costumes, and before you start waving a calendar at the screen and taunting "hey, Halloween was yesterday" (I can see that, and it hurts), recognize that for competitive costumers, costume-season is year-round!


Here's my mystery helmet!

It's just a lens, the box my cat litter comes in, and a baseball helmet. I took apart some flashlights and rewired them so that your face is illuminated, but that's it. Then I just slathered it in spray foam. No mystery, really.

It's a cat litter box with a lens taped to it.


My mom says i am weird for drawing these things:

a nancy comic

a fake poster for the movie fantastic planet


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