On-Line Gamers Anonymous, submitted by Mabon. I've always had a hard time understanding the allure of online games, such as Everquest or Ultima Online. I tend to drop a game as soon as it turns into a chore, but other people get stuck and end up making a career out of pretending to be a tailor or a blacksmith in-between endless monster killing. I guess deep down inside I'm not a strong or motivated person and that my failures in the virtual world only mirror my failures in the real world.

While I can admit failure, the group On-Line Gamers Anonymous goes in a different direction, citing that online gaming becomes an addiction that can only be cured by divine intervention. I tend to think trading virtual futility for spiritual futility is a step no sane person would take. Not because I think religion is insane, but because if you play games so much that you need God to bail you out, you probably a pretty worthless sack of stupid flesh.

We are a community of gamers, their families, friends, and volunteers, who all know the powerful and destructive addiction of on-line gaming. This addiction can be devastating to the real-world lives of gamers and all of those individuals close to them. Through the encouragement of open discussion, support, and referrals, we strive to help the victims of on-line game addiction.

Our community is open to all who need help. We are not an activists group, nor do we sponsor such organizations. Our message forums are available to all, regardless of bias or opinion. We promote the freedom of communication among fellow game addicts, in hope of an encouraging environment of peer to peer support. Family and friends are also invited to share their experiences, compassion, and wisdom.

You'll never get those magic journeymen boots with that attitude. Keep playing! We don't want to see your greasy visage in the real world, so stay in your basement collecting valuable virtual experience points and real life body weight. Really, it's for the better of us all.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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