This week's Weekend Web is going to be on the short side this week, but we're going to make it up to you by featuring one of the worst forums we have ever featured! There is a place on the Internet where all your wildest dreams can come true, that is, if your dreams all have to do with violent sadistic rape! If you're looking for a place like this, then Rape Board should be your first stop for all your rape needs. It's hard to get angry at a forum like this because every single post is so pathetic that you realize none of these guys has the strength to rape anyone. Now gather round and take part in what we do best here at Something Awful, point and laugh.

Oh, it's fine to have fantasies about your mother. Don't do anything though! That would be wrong. JUST CUM IN HER BRA AND PANTIES.

So instead of being this big grotesque looking man, I am this big grotesque looking man, that looks kinda like a big grotesque women, if you squint hard enough.

The dog probably doesn't give a fuck about fucking a woman, but I think the rest of society kinda does. Follow your heart I guess!

Ugh, those tinpot Nazi administrators!

This guy was banned? He's the best poster there!

Wow, he sounds like some our very own forums crazies. Who knows, this guy is probably one of ours too.

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