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Price Range: $$
Delivery: No
Accepts Credit Cards: No
Takes Reservations: No
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Parking: Street
Wi-Fi: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

57 reviews in English

Mark H.
Portland, OR

Love the guys running Aftertaste. Howl is very nice and gentle, and you can tell he really enjoys providing comfort to those in pain. Dieter is more pushy and rough. I think he only cares about perfecting his sauce recipes. My advice: Talk to Howl, let Dieter stay in the kitchen where he does his best work.

Word of warning: this place is super busy, so expect long lines. We took our grandparents here and they all went very peacefully, though it did take a few minutes to get the IVs properly hooked up. Howl said he wasn't able to finish nursing school and needs more practice.


Jeremy P
Portland, OR

Aftertaste parked outside our office building today. Smelled amazing. I'm super tempted to give them a try. The menu looks good, but nobody ever comments on the quality of the experience itself. Is it worth it? Will I personally enjoy it? Just wish they would clean up the bodies better. There's usually a lot of them piled up on the sidewalk and parking spaces.

Nigel C.
Vancouver, WA

Great rotating menu. Lots of cutting edge lethal injection flavor profiles. Love me some Korean-Mexican fusion, and their recent experiments in southern cuisine weren't bad. I always ask for half portions, that way I don't die and can go back to try the different menu options when I recover.


Lindsee Y.
Portland, OR

Well, first of all, my girlfriend is Asian. So... yeah... I know a thing or two about Asian food. Soy sauce and sodium pentothal? If you're just going to give people salt, don't advertise it as a fried calamari rolls. Hng onn... feling sleee

Gerald T.
Beaverton, OR

I was entertaining a guest from out of town, and wanted to show him some local flavor, so I took him to Aftertaste. I recommended the bulgogi burrito drip, which seemed to do the trick. My guest slowly drifted off to sleep licking his lips and did not wake up. I hope he enjoyed his visit as much as I did.

LeVar B.
Portland, OR

GET THERE EARLY!!! I'm serious. These guys run out of "sauce" before 1 on most days, sometimes earlier. Don't think you can just waltz in at 3 in the afternoon and load up on suicide burritos, because that's just not going to happen, buddy.

Candice P.
Portland, OR

It was just "OK."

Took my dad here. He didn't seem to like what he ordered (a po boy drip with extra potassium chorlide) because he got really incoherent and violent as the drip worked its way through his body. The burly man who works there had to hold him down and the other one just kept shouting in German.

I don't think I'd take any other loved ones here, which is a shame because the burly guy punched my card twice. Three more and I get a free drip.

Derek W.
Portland, OR

Terrible. I ordered the biscuits with maple bacon gravy and felt what could only be some kimchi grossness coursing through my veins. Ripped the IV out and stumbled away. Woke up a few days later in the hospital with a huge medical bill. Don't think that's the "aftertaste" they were promising.

Angela R.
Beaverton, OR

Took my children there after I couldn't stand their crying anymore. All of them were able to find flavors that were appealing to them, which is great because they are very finicky. They went quietly with smiles on their faces. Loaded my angels back into the car and left them peacefully in the woods. Now to convince my husband to try it with me.

London S.
Brooklyn, NY

First of all, I'm from Brooklyn, so you can just go ahead and skip all the other reviews here.

My friend Packard and I talked about trying Aftertaste for a while, and vowed to do it one day after class (we're both fashion students). On the way there we got distracted because Packard heard about a secret thrift store that required a password to get in. Packard's very good at snooping out these sorts of exclusive venues, and we found some really great old sweaters that probably belonged to an insane lady judging by the patterns. We were there for probably eight hours, then hit up a party at friend of the owner's loft.

It was great, just drinking, listening to records and dancing. Carson, the aforementioned loft owner turned out to be an artist, and showed off her latest paintings, which were all these different presidents depicted as monsters and party animals. Anyway, turns out we had a mutual friend, Dans, who is starting a band doing what he describes as "soulful mountain man devoured by mechanical bees" music.

To make a long story short, Dans and I are now dating and it's great. It's nice to finally date somebody with taste.

Derby T.
Portland, OR

If you're just looking to try intravenous dining, go elsewhere. Aftertaste is definitely a last meal kind of place. Lost a lot of good friends here, so I guess that speaks to the quality.

Pete L.
Las Vegas, NV

I've tried other suicide vans before, but they usually lack atmosphere. The one thing I don't want is some skeletal old man ushering me off to the afterlife with his clinical chemicals. I've been eager to try Aftertaste for weeks now, but I keep missing them or getting there after they run out of sauce. I can't be bothered to follow Twitter. Wish they would pick regular hours and regular locations.

Greg P.
Portland, OR

Bullshit. Can't schedule reservations. I want to die, not stand in line behind a bunch of pushy hipsters.

Marty O.
Portland, OR

The German man who works there is very creepy and insists on filming all the deaths while breathing heavily with his mouth open. If you went to a restaurant where the chef and waiter did that, I don't think you'd ever go back. I have no idea why my girlfriend even wanted to go here, and I guess I'll never know now. Seemed to be a lot of people in line, so maybe I'm missing something.

Bae Y.
Portland, OR

Came in eager to try the kalbi taco drip, found out I had to fill out a bunch of release forms and paperwork first clearing them of all liability. Decided to just go jump off a bridge, but not before writing a negative review.

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