Forums user Vogon Poet began a thread a few weeks back, and it started like this:
Star Wars had a Holiday Special. Last year we gave Lord of the Rings the same treatment. So I thought, with the Christmas season coming up, why not do the same thing for the other big sci-fi/fantasy trilogy?

That was all it took for the SA Goons to jump into action. And boy howdy, what a great job they did. Vogon Poet even pulled together a video montage of the images and animated gifs the Goons made all set to a totally sweet rocking Christmas tune.

And now I present to you, A Matrix Christmas.

Right Click, Save As: A Matrix Christmas 30.2 MB

Bittorrent worked very, very well for the 8 Bit Xmas Goldmine, so we're using it again. If you finish your download, stay on to seed for a little bit, please?

Download torrent81 (1 file; 30.30 MB)
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On the following pages are multiple photoshops that the Goons came up with and the majority are used in the video. There are a few great ones that aren't in there however, so feel free to browse through while your copy of the multimedia extravaganza downloads.

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