Kate Hill.com, submitted by for nothing. Many of you don't realize this, but we suffer from a massive shortage of fantasy writers willing to cover the awesome territory of swashbuckling erotic vampire action, especially swashbuckling erotic vampire action with a hint of centaur. Thank goodness there is an awesome writer like Kate Hill out there brave enough to write stories covering the dark entanglements of forbidden love we often get into when dealing with vampires and/or centaurs. There just aren't enough people out there helping to get this excellent genre taken seriously. Not only does Kate craft these amazing stories with words, she gives them awesome titles like "MOONLUST PRIVATEER" and "BLOOD AND DEATH: VAMPIRE CRUSADES - VAMPIRE GUARDIAN: THE NIGHT CHRONCALES: INTIMATE RELATIONS WITH A VAMPIRE PRIVATEER." As an added bonus, the books all feature mesmerizing cover artwork rendered with no less than Poser, the finest program for posing pre-made naked 3d models and calling it art. Oh Kate Hill, your fiery words shoot the villains hiding out in the sewage corridors of my heart.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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