Jor-El's World, submitted by Darven. Jor-El A'dam Ra is a visitor to early 21st century Earth from the 24th century. His mission is to coordinate planetary evolution in several ways:

1. To guide the evolutionary progress of groups and individuals
2. To provide humankind with a vision of the positive future that
is its destiny
3. To use media to communicate the existing projects that are the
seeds of that destiny
4. To network the people, projects and organizations that fulfill
the mission.

We entered Jor-El's World in the last five years of the second millennium, (1995-2000), a time of tumultuous change and challenge.......a time of crisis and opportunity! In addition to Jor-El/Ed Elkin's primary activities, he offers a link to a series of projects and games that have been initiated to guide humanity through the "eye of the needle", gracefully, powerfully, and succesfully. Teams of Evolutionary Agents are forming to steward each project. You are encouraged to join one or more of these projects creating "transition teams" to carry humankind into the next millennium.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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