Energels - Energized Water, submitted by xdrquinnx. Have you ever been really thirsty and downed a nice refreshing glass of water? Who hasn't? Nazis maybe. For the rest of us, water has been a thirst-quenching sensation. But what if we could make water better? No, not by putting chemicals or vitamins in it. I'm talking make it better by putting energy in it! Energize your water. The human body needs energy after all.

An Energy Mug to energize your water in 1-2 minutes... Highly charged water inside the hollow of the mug transfers positive information to your drinks (water, juice, coffee, colas), giving them a positive spin and a sweeter, softer, less acidic taste. This information stays with the drink even when poured into another glass. (Do Not X-Ray Or Microwave).

That sounds awesome! But how does this amazing system work?

The PX ESSENTIAL ENERGY WATER SYSTEM was discovered in 1995 by Manfred Bauer, a German scientist. Manfred developed the process to change ordinary water from a negative reading to an energized, positive reading. He can produce water with a reading as high as 2.5 million Bovis. Water in this highly charged state allows the immune system to function more effectively to eliminate disease and lower inappropriate inflammation.

2.5 million Bovis?! That's practically off the Bovis charts! Why, that's more Bovis than ten microwave ovens running at once, all in a glass of ice cold and refreshing water! Drink up!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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