Jeffree Star, submitted by Lamb Scam. Speaking of things too ugly to be real, Jeffree Star is a transvestite pseudo-goth with a "hilariously ironic" racist guttermouth. The pictures on the site range from ugly, hideous, really hideous, all the way up to apocalyptic.

It almost hurts to be too beautiful for heaven, but I can't frown as much as I can't smile so we'll have to say that such feelings are below royalty like me. [our]Father couldn't stand to look at my porcelain fucking skin and the angels were screaming war so he threw me to earth in fresh dead seal coats, soft and warm with the blood on the inside to keep my cheeks a rosy blush.

[notso]sorry, but I look better than all of his androgynous angels
[whomodelforcalvinkleinsparetime] with my skirt as the only shield to hide my cold dead doll
[scouldneverbesoperfect] eyes

His site reads like a collection of Hot Topic stickers on a Marilyn Manson fan's favorite notebook. Imagine being in bed at night and seeing that face slowly rise up through your bedroom window. You're too afraid to move, but you can softly hear a growing chant of "niggercunt, niggercunt, niggercunt" as it smudges crimson Revlon all over the glass. By the time you make up your mind and decide to flee, it's too late, you're on his enormous MySpace friends list.

The worst part about this guy is that he's probably going to end up with his own TV show or something because some coked-out Style TV exec is going to think he has a "unique personality." It's a small comfort that it will be cancelled in weeks.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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