APPLE VS MICROSOFT, submitted by d00gZ. I have to admit it, I have a soft spot for web pages that are essentially novel-sized psychotic rants. While bizarre sexual fetishes will do for an ALOD if I'm in a pinch, it's already a given that for every life form and inanimate object that exists or has been imagined, there's at least a few people out there who want to stick their penises inside it or stick it inside themselves or be ingested by it.

Epic rants, however, are fascinating. They prove a certain level of dedication and enthusiasm, and are thick with the air of desperation as they attempt to persuade you to see things the way they do. Some want everyone to realize that we're the ancestors of alien reptiles who still live in the Earth's core, some truly believe that the freemasons are controlling their thoughts with implant chips, and some are convinced that the internet was faked in a Los Angeles tv studio. The possibilities are endless, as are these people's supply of free time.

As the title suggests, this site tries to make... some kind of point about Microsoft and Apple. I think. To be honest I can't tell you what the point is because it contains more text than a transcript of everything I've ever said out loud in my life, and also because it's so horribly formatted that my eyes have filed assault charges and moved back in with their mother until this whole thing blows over. Dare to read the entire thing and you'll be treated to a lot of nonsensical statistics, random use of enlarged and pink text, approximately one zillion ugly images, and twice as many occurrences of the word "clone" and its variations.

As one can see, 1993 is the key to Computer Use and the Internet, and the start of Apple into oblivion. The cloning of the computer population continues to this day for Microsoft. "It is the OS stupid" Mac hit it's high market share in 1992 (12%), and down to (2.27%) in 2002. Apple's global share for new computers 1.7% in 2003

I don't know about you guys, but I'm convinced!

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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