In parts 1 and 2 of this series on Nancy comic edits, we looked at the funny, the clever, the snarky and cool. The usual sort of thing we feature on our front page. But laughs and snickers (and 3 Musketeers) are not the only things floating around the Something Awful forums: today we take a long look into the very heart of the inappropriate and insane. You've been warned.

Banker.bmp is a pretty good example of how a photoshop (or 'photomanip' if you suffer from MSpaint or are a G.I.M.P.) thread functions. These images were created in June and July of 2018 based on an Ernie Bushmiller comic strip from 1972 shared by forums user Accretionist. Here is, one last time, the original for reference:

Right off the bat, scmuckfeatures reminds us what this imagery naturally (and beautifully) brings to mind.

And chaosbreather concurs...

Pretty sure Neutrino has something to say about the economy too. But I'm no expert.

It wouldn't be Banker.bmp without BovineFury! Oh and also they are not fond of late-stage capitalism either, apparently.

seems sad about fiscal inequality, but I know better. They're mad they'll never guess my debug password mwahahaha.

In the case of RipVTide I find the defendant... depressingly accurate. Case dismissed!

In case you're still somehow unsure, this is how scmuckfeatures feels about banks.

And, with one simple panel, Xaintralles finishes our economics refresher and segues us into a strange new category...

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