Erase the Dark, submitted by Squizz. If it’s from the “Women Student’s Union” and it mentions Jesus in the same sentence as pornography you can bet it is not going to be something fun. It’s probably the reverse of whatever fun is. Like a carnival that’s on fire or being stabbed in the heart while watching your favorite movie.

Even their tag line of “look at how you look at her” says volumes about their joy-killing sense of victimization. Oh man, that guy is totally raping me with his eyes because he saw some girl huffing dong on Real Sex 34. They want guys to be inept androgynous children who have to ask if their butt is where babies come out the first time they see a girl naked. Not to mention if Jesus factors into your rationale at all you might be one of the people who takes an abstinence oath and then ends up with an anal fissure at 16 because you thought vigorous prayer and body geography would save you from sin.

Erase the Dark is a Jesus Christ-following organization that analyzes pornography mainly from a feminist perspective to show that pornography is neither a victimless crime nor a harmless freedom. That is, we seek to reveal that pornography is misogynist propaganda that conditions people to view women and men as sexual objects. Furthermore, we seek to show that the correlation between pornography and acts of violence against women is very strong-as research clearly indicates.

In 2002 Penthouse circulation was at 530,000 and Playboy was at 3,150,000. Time magazine alone has a WEEKLY domestic circulation of approximately 4.5 million with upwards of 5 million including global circulation. Either this poster is lying to me or they’re using some bizarre math to come up with their numbers. Who would have thought that feminists and Jesus would collaborate to lie to me!? And oh man, that dude pulling his sunglasses down his nose to ogle that chick is totally evil. Only the dread grip of pornography would have allowed him to look at her and feel genetic urges to mate.

People who think porn will turn you into a ravening sexual predator are in denial about the fact that 95% of men have watched pornography. I would go so far as to say that pornography is a healthy part of sexual development for most men. It may not present the most accurate depiction of the women they will encounter in the real world, but finding a Penthouse out in the woods has provided many an epiphany for hormone crazed pubescent boys wondering what all those strange feelings were.

There’s bad porn, there’s bad people involved in porn, and bad people sometimes watch porn. I don’t think any of these things equate to porn being evil. If they did then we’d get rid of TV because of “Average Joe” and that fat people weight loss show on VH1 or get rid of music because some serial killer liked Britney Spears. Come to think of it, let’s go ahead and do that. Let’s all just live in cardboard boxes and stare at colored squares of construction paper while we thrash around hoping to manifest stigmata. Are you happy, ladies? Will you kiss me so I can put a baby inside you?

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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