National Cornbread Festival Official Website, submitted by mpb. "Come See What's Cookin' in South Pittsburg, Tennessee."

Is it cornbread?! I hope it's cornbread!

The Cornbread Alley recipes are now available! Cornbread Alley is sponsored by Sequatchie Valley Electric Coop and is one of the most popular places to be at the festival. If you didn't get your copy of the recipes, be sure to print off the recipes from our web site. You can also access the recipes from the 2004 Cornbread Alley by clicking here.

Yesssss! Cornbread ain't all that's cookin' though!

I think love is also cookin'! Could it be?

Yes! Love is cookin' too!

Be sure to watch the official National Cornbread Festival theme song's music video! It's the most morose festival song you've heard since the National Beat Convict's Heads In With Rocks Festival. Come to our cornbread festival and bring enough medication to overdose on.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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