Sword and Sandals, Cruel Bras and Jockstraps, submitted by yours truly. Behold, one man’s disturbingly obsessive love of crafting big-breasted ogre women out of Barbie dolls. Jimbob-Wan, creator of these monstrosities, guides you through their creation process with all the verve and wit of a creepy, oversexed toy-nerd.

"It should be obvious that I don't have very mainstream tastes and sometimes that other stuff seems really bland to me. I gave up my subscription to Playboy a long time ago because it was month after month of the same youthful perfection (yawn), and only rarely did an unusual face or set of curves catch my interest. Here in Fetishville, the concept of "beauty" can be pretty elastic. By most standards the "Borg Queen" of Star Trek would be considered repulsive: She's bald, with patchy and oily skin. Yet, to me she projects a weird kind of attractiveness and sensuality."

Be sure to read about all the lavish detail he put into this any many other figurines. This particular ogre has posable genitals made of a silly-putty like substance. I wish I were kidding!

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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