2Secret, submitted by Jorge. The Internet has long been a hotbed and spawning ground for great ideas. From taking pictures of yourself having sex with fat women to threatening to sue people for laughing at those pictures, the Internet has it all. But here's a new one: saying embarrassing things with anonymity. For generations people have simply posted on their LiveJournal that they find the neighbor's dog attractive or that black people make them uncomfortable even though they are fun to dress like all the while taking very little effort to conceal their identities. But now people can do that with total anonymity! You can say things like this:

I bet my best friend that he couldnt swallow a D battery, he died but i didnt know what to do becaus ei thought i would get introuble. I took him to the hospital and cremated him myself..............

Or this!

I was pregnant and then i have to pie.. and then plop very scary

There's no end to how retarded you can be!

one day, I was stupid and felt like going to the washroom and taking a shit and missing the toilet, every guy who walked in the washroom that day smelt it, it then grew stronger after lunch when I forced myself to shit in the center of the washroom, then I asked 3 friends to do the samething, the smell reached the hallway, and unlucky people had to smell it for 40 minute periods since the washroom is really close to the washroom

And no one will ever have to know!

Sometimes I can get really depressed with this world so I close my eyes and pretend I live in the wizarding world, like Harry Potter. Pretending all that is often better than the crappy shit happening all over the world right now.

Take me with you!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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