Dago D-Day, submitted by me. Okay, this is the first time I've discovered a site and felt sort of scared because I have absolutely no idea what's going on. I've run into my fair share of strange sites, sites with horrible designs, and sites with rambling diatribes written by conspiracy theorists, but I've never come across something so void of any actual purpose or meaning.

welcome in the world of dago,Dago is a small bird-man,enjoy the free world of dago,only for fun.enjoy ! enjoy ! dago is on the web,dago is me,dago is you,dago is for you,dago is free !you can see funny pictures,cartoons,funny sex,gif anime ,humor,illustrations,drawings,more...
but xxx warning :"you can see what you would like to see"xxx

What follows is a series of seemingly random drawings of a bird-like figure in various poses and outfits with a cock placed randomly on or near him. Here's an example entitled "Twin Cocks" which features genitalia that are slightly less blatant for you folks at work.

If you like what you see (and who wouldn't?) you can even pay 56 cents per day to visit a XXX gallery of animated spinning cockbird gifs. Now that's what I call art!

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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