Russian Mail Order Brides, submitted by Vario. Mail order bride sites are nothing new, but I think it's been awhile since we've done one so here goes. And if the idea of a woman who would rather fuck greasy shut-in with too much money than live in Russia isn't funny enough for you, just pretend you're a Bond villain and read the site out loud to yourself in a thick Russian accent. (Hint: It sounds more authentic if you remove all the articles and prepositions, there's still a few they missed.) is the Web's most trusted International Online dating agency, International Matchmaker provides introduction to Russian mail order brides, Ukraine brides and Beautiful women. We have over 2000 mail order brides and growing!

Also, their search feature is a blast to use even when you don't return any hits:

That Zero Wing shit stopped being funny years ago, knock it off already:

– Seth

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