Forced Haircuts, submitted by Hell. If you've had your fill of rape-themed erotic fiction, might I suggest you look into haircut rape-themed erotic fiction? Yes, I do believe you will like it quite a lot!

Here is an excerpt from "Krystal Takes Charge" but it is rated "XXX" so whoah, look out guys! Dangerous curves!

I then hear the snap and the buzz of the clippers coming to life and I know they are for real. Krystal starts at the back of my neck and swiftly moves the clippers all the way to the front of my head and I suddenly feel my cock spring to life. I am instantly hard. Now with my head hanging off the couch I'm pretty sure that no one could see if I try to open my eyes and look at the carpet to be sure this isn't a dream. I open my eyes and see another pile of hair plop on on the carpet just inches below my face. As Krystal continues I hear everyone laughing and snickering. Maybe it was the drugs or maybe it was because it was a fantasy of mine, but I didn't even care. Even though they were all laughing at my expense it was almost like the joke was on them I thought, because of this being a fantasy of mine. I would soon find out again I was wrong. Krystal continues until there is nothing left on my head but the smallest of stubble. My head now feels very cool and my hard-on is raging.

Some say the world will end in fire, I think it will end in haircut rape fiction. If there weren't 500 stories on this site I would assume this was all an elaborate joke to create the most retarded fetish possible.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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