Witch's Cauldron, submitted by Lowtax. Does Wicca make people fat or are fat people drawn to Wicca? Some university needs to do an expensive government-funded study on that. Maybe they can reverse-engineer Wicca and find the cure for the obesity epidemic. Witch's Cauldron is "Morg's" site and Wicca is the least of this otherkin-believing dumbloaf's ideas. I'm sure "Morg" - which I know without looking is short for Morganna and is not her real name - probably is also into cutting, various demeaning sex acts and writing Harry Potter erotic fanfic.

A therian is someone with a deep, open personal connection to an animal spirit or animal spirits. Sometimes these connections come mentally, physically, or spiritually; whatever the case, therians are people who are deeply connected to a side of themselves that is animal in nature. It's like having a part of yourself that is totally non-human, and yet is so intricately linked to you that you aren't you without it. Some people have more than one animal-side, which is why I said spirits. Not all therians are wolves.

Think of therianthropy as something like spiritual dysphoria - our inside spirit and our outside body don't match.

So was it your accursed outside body or the therian within that made you stuff yourself full of ham? Jesus, don't people turn to drugs for escape from their shitty lives anymore? Someone get this girl something intravenous and astonishingly addictive immediately.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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