Crochet My Crotch, submitted by the fall of Adam and Eve which created sin in man and eventually. EVERY LINK HERE IS NOT WORK SAFE. VAGINAS AHOY!

Goddamnit, I finally had to break my vow.

Several years ago, when I first discovered the internet and marveled at my ability to see a video of the Indiana Jones ride on if I only waited three or four days for loading, I took a sacred oath to myself that I would never, EVER, look at a picture of an anatomically correct crocheted vagina being used as a beer coaster. Yeah, I know when would that ever come up?

This is a sad moment for me, so I think I'll just let this website speak for itself of its menagerie of horrors. Like this or this or this or this or…




                            oh god

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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