After receiving a particularly stupid ICQ conversation between Fragmaster and Radium, I realized I had to send them something back in return. Something particularly stupid. As a result, I started looking through my hard drive for the most idiotic text files I could find, when I came upon "rob.txt". Since I had no idea what was in this text file, I opened it up and was surprised to find that it was actually an ICQ prank transcript from over a few months ago. I have no idea why I didn't post it at the time or why it's not up on the site, so, in order to remedy this, I have added it into the prank collection. Enjoy!

Rob - Hi, would you like to learn about the exciting financial opportunities in the new millenium?

Lowtax - Perhaps! Are you having a web-page?

Rob - Not at the moment, I can give you all of the info you need right now!

Rob - Would you be interested in learning about making money just like your favorite movie star?


Rob - Excuse me sir?

Lowtax - My favorite movie star is Jim Bagleaducia.

Rob - Oh, of course! You can live just like him, if you follow my easy 1-2-3 steps and you will be on your way to making millions!

Lowtax - millions of what?

Rob - Dollars!

Lowtax - OH OKAY

Rob - Soooooo, whaddya say? Are you interested in living like Jim Bagleducia?

Lowtax - he lives like a PIG (I am on the Jim Bagleaducia mailing list)

Rob - Let me rephrase it, are you interested in living like a king? We can make it happen. All it needs is alot of time, and a small fee.

Lowtax - How much fee? I have time, I spends all day on Internet!

Rob - Depends on how much you are willing to invest, you can start with 200 dollars, or work your way up to 200,000 dollars!

Lowtax - WOW

Rob - Yes, it is very promising. So, are you ready? All I need is your confirmation, we can speak on the phone, if you would like.

Lowtax - NO, cannot use phone, mother's on phone, she's talking to famous person who installs cable television

Rob - Well, when will she be off? It is much easier if we can talk on the phone, although I suppose it is possible via ICQ

Lowtax - I dont know, shes been on phone for long time. She calls famous man to come over, install cable, and there is dancing too. Now I just use Internet, look for moneys to invest in. We have moneys set aside for Internet programs, its where moneys is!

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