American McGee's Blog, submitted by me. While the content that's supposed to be funny in Bad Day L.A. is not funny at all, the angry teenager political views of American McGee more than compensate with high yields of laughs-per-sentence.

As much as McGee rants and raves about EVIL corporations benefitting by manipulating the common man, it's worth noting that he outsourced Bad Day L.A. to Chinese workers so he'd only have to pay slave labor wages, then he proceeded to ridicule them as mindless drones far beneath him as illustrated in this interview from Computer Gaming World.

Computer Gaming World: So you take all these jobs overseas and deal with these hassles. How does it compare to here?

American McGee: U.S. game development teams are really creative, brilliant, innovative—and they’re really headstrong. A guy that I’d hire to be a junior artist would try to force an idea into a game and hijack the production, throwing a major monkey wrench into the process. That’s the Western development team. It’s the opposite with the Chinese team. If you come up with a good idea and you give them good direction, they’ll stamp it out. Problem is, they will not deviate a f***in’ inch from what I say. So the challenge is coming up with enough of a good idea, and…like, I find my days are now 80 percent just giving directions. And it’s really frustrating and really annoying and boring, but it works. Otherwise, I’ve had people following orders until there was nothing else to do. They just sit there and stare at the screen.

CGW: And do what?

AM: Nothing! They’re f***in’ frozen.

CGW: Are there any benefits, at least?

AM: Well, there is one obvious one. Labor is incredibly cheap in China and Hong Kong.

CGW: OK, Kathie Lee Gifford....

AM: Hey, that’s normal. It’s not like we’re doing something that everybody else doesn’t do. And what it means is that Bad Day L.A. has 120 unique NPC characters in it. That’s a lot of unique models and unique animations. That’s a lot of art assets.

No, that's a lot of hypocrisy. I'm pretty sure that's what that is. Thanks to forum goon Sankis for locating that article.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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