Goku and Vegeta's Sanctuary, submitted by Abraham. For some reason, and I'm certain it has to do with an excess of mercury in the water, people actually like Dragon Ball Z and all the idiocy that it represents. I certainly condemn these people and wish all the indignities of especially heinous lepers on them, but I cannot do anything personally to end their existence. That is one of my many regrets in life, especially knowing that they are writing such embarrassing stories. Here some people are trying to improve the world and push humanity to new heights, and others are trying desperately to claw their way into the sewers.

Vegeta nods, peering over her shoulder to. "It seems you've been up to your usual… whatever that is."
"For your information mister, I may have just given hope to every sterile woman on earth!"
Vegeta laughs out loud, "What is that?"
Bulma frowns, "I'm creating a human egg from an old blood sample of mine… long before you and Goku wished me to be a saiyan. Before now, it's never been possible. The sad part is that it's life span is only 2 hours and I can't seem to keep it alive no matter what I do."
"Humans are weak. On my planet this was already thought of."
Bulma glares daggers at Vegeta. "Well, your planet is dead."
Vegeta smirks, "Touche."
"Anyways," Bulma huffs. "This discovery will allow women who cannot ovulate the ability to bear children, simply by injecting the father's semen into the egg that is created from the mother's blood."
Vegeta grimaces, "That's almost disgusting."
Bulma continues, ignoring his rude comment. "I plan on maybe using a live test subject… such as myself."
"HA! YOU?! And exactly how will you get a sample of my…"
"I already have it," Bulma interrupts.
Vegeta's eyes widen, "Wh…where….I mean…how?!"
Bulma grins slyly, "My dear Veggie Chan. That's a secret."
Blushing furiously, Vegeta turns on his heel and stalks to the kitchen. "Good luck on getting pregnant woman! You're definitely not getting any from me!!!"

Aside from terrible fan fiction such as the above, there are intensely stupid drawings of intensely stupid looking characters by intensely stupid fans that don't see anything unusual or pathetic about drawing one cartoon character licking another's nipples. For every Stephen Hawking, we have ten thousand of these idiots. This is why I will never be able to live on the moon.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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