Egyptian-Witchcraft, submitted by YellowCalx. Are you grotesque? Unlovable? Un-look-at-able? Forget social skills and alcohol, what you need is witchcraft! The fine ladies and gents at Egyptian-Witchcraft can book you a seat on the rollercoaster of love for anywhere from a suspiciously low $200 to a more realistic $690.

This enormous task consist of 77 ceremonial rituals and is broken down into 7 stages. 7 spells are performed in each stage, equaling the amount of 49 spells in total, these spells are meticulously tailor made to fit your situation or problem, and will work in concert to deliver your desired results in a hasty fashion. This effective spell work is highly potent, and is not for every one. As a matter of fact, your case must be eligible, in order to qualify.

Love is only several credit card bills away! Order now!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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