EnchanterX 2.0, submitted by nameless simpleton. If you're tired of yelling "VAS ORT GRAV!" and then fizzling out, realize that you just don't have the right software to cast magical spells. EnchanterX 2.0, which requires 512 megs of mana (ha ha, what a joke), apparently displays fruity animated patterns and plays sounds. The combination of this multimedia presentation will give you the ability to CAST MAGICAL SPELLS, all of which sound like chapters in a self-help book. How does it work? Through the wonders of radionic energy, which is perfectly legit I bet.

Is this starting to sound like the Force from Star Wars? Well, in a way, it is a little like the Force, or an energy field made up of all living things. It surrounds us. It binds us. It connects us. But unlike a Jedi, we really can’t utilize this energy for our own purposes...Or can we?

At only $97 dollars, you'd be a fool now to buy this "Scientifically Developed Spell Casting Software."

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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