Dibbuns Against Bedtime, submitted by me. I'm not going to link this website becaues it's on geocities and I don't want to knock them off the internet for the next week. (Ok, I do, but I won't). If you really want to see it, it's the first Google hit for "dibbuns".

You probably don't know this, but "dibbuns" is the word Brian Jacques uses for the toddler animals in his books. This website is all about roleplaying as dibbuns. Let me parse this for you: They roleplay as baby animals from a fantasy series.

EARTHQUAKE!!! *Marie‘s friend runs around in circles, waving her paws in the air and screaming. After a few seconds, the earth ceases to quake, and Marie shakes her head pityingly.* Och, my friend, ye needn’t fear. That was just (dibbun's name), getting out of bed. *The mouse‘s companion glances at the sun in puzzlement.* But… it’s the late afternoon. *Marie‘s brow creases in worry and she shushes her friend.* Ssh ssh!! Don’t let him/her hear you! He/she’s got issues. At time’s I almost pity him/her… he/she’s got so much fat he/she can’t exercise properly, and so she/he’s become a great blob. She/he goes to bed at 7:00 at night and wakes up at 6:59 in the afternoon to go to the bathroom. It’s part of a rehabilitation program the infirmary Sister’s instituted to help him/her keep from eating. Maybe the fat will go away… but, personally, I think some of i t has already fossilized. Trust me, that gut ain’t goin’ nowhere!

*Cross-references site with US Sexual Predator Database*

*Locks front door*

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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