Bgnrbloat on YouTube, submitted by sfj. I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone. There's a fetish where people, oh who am I kidding, men, like to bloat up their stomachs and somehow that gives them an erection. Now they are videotaping these sensual acts and posting them on YouTube. As dumb as the videos are (they put water up their butt so their stomach looks pudgy), the comments are the real star here.

if I could get in ur belly I would, gaining would go faster too ;) alas you will have to settle with slow gaining still ;)

i really wish u culd swallow me whole so i culd be in ur gut:) too bad u cant^^

I wish you would digest me.

*riding tamed velociraptor* boy what a video can you swallow a rat whole (if you can actually) and then rub your belly?

this is my pet velociraptor ,velo, he was in the youtube pet shop ,that is not in the real world but in youtube, i couldnt leave without him *petting velo* yes i do, yes i do.

If I was shrunk down would you swallow me whole?

I wish these people would get their wish and get eaten so they could never post anything on the Internet ever again! If you want even more fun, check out voreprey23's favorites list. Included are videos of a girl eating cream egg, a dog eating treats, a bloated belly, a snake eating a mouse, and worst of all, Ann Coulter.

One of his favorites is a video of a girl eating mandarin oranges whole. His comments are priceless.

Thank you voreprey23. You are truly a modern marvel.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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