EnchanterX Spell Casting Software, submitted by nameless simpleton. EnchanterX is a piece of software that boosts your radionic energy so you can cast spells more easily and effectively. I'm not exactly sure how code on a computer can do such a thing but I'm willing to bet that John Carmack is involved. Besides, the website explains that I don't need to understand how it works to fork over my money.

Most people do not understand gravity, yet they know that if they drop a pen it'll fall and hit the ground. In that same sense, you don't have to fully understand how Radionic Energy works to turn it on and watch it's magick transform your life before you're very eyes!

But wait, perhaps you're one of the doubters who scoffs at the idea of magic spells and radionic energy in the first place? Then marvel at this:

Radionic Energy is scientifically proven to dramatically increase psychic and metaphysical abilities in a short period of time!

Science proved magic, asshole. It's right there on the internet. Underlined, even. Indisputable.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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