bathtub girl, submitted by Sean. Try the new "Bathtub Girl" flavored website! Now in "ULTRA FRUITY" flavor!

Greetings earthlings! You have reached the home of bathtub girl. I live in a bathtub on the moon. That's right the moon. You know that big crater up in the sky approximately 200,000 from earth? That's where I live. Life would normally be lonely up here on the moon but I have my robot friends Wally Wires, Marilyn Monitor, and Krafty the Keyboard to keep me company. I also have you my readers.

Bathtub Girl is that girl who views the world with wonder, refusing to let neither time nor others devour her dreams. She is naiad, the water sprite dancing and splashing with wild abandon within the serentiy of her sacred, sylvan glade. She is ageless, eternal youth, relishing the peace within her, immersed in the purity of her most basic element, water.

Bathtub Girl is, The Goddess of the White Lotus Flower, departing her heavenly bed of petals to bathe on earth. She is every person surrendering in deep, watery repose to the yin that resides in each of us.

Bathtub Girl is a vision of sensuous, alluring beauty gracing us this day with her surreal presence. She is the spirit within each of us that emerges as the embodiment of our cleansing and healing natures. She is every girl child, woman and crone who nurtures and nourishes us with the waters of life.

She left this out: "Bathtub Girl is a psychotic."

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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