GTD Records, submitted by Blazin G. Yo werd wiggy wack dis site is DOPE yo! I mean, the "hardcore rappers" have a shout out to their grandparents on the front page! How much more hardcore can you get than that?!?

During the 8th grade,we both apperactate rap more than anyone else we know,so were like lets make our own raps.And It started all good from there.Weve been a group for about a year.We havent made any songs yet,(school problems and other problems).Metho has made several songs with an old label "Real Gangsta Entertainment" but later broke up.So Me and Killah is gonna get serious about this Bis.Metho is an "ASIAN MC" and loves to freestyle."I think i freestyle the best walken down tha street."Loves to write and rhyme and diss and stuff.He makes all the graphics and webdesign.Produces and Raps and works hard for all this stuff he does in this game.Metho's solo is due out in about 6-7 months.Once he gets everything all stright (its kinda messed up at this piont).

Killah K(Tyler P.)was born in Califorina and live there for a few years of his life,and have lives all over tha country in his life time.Killah K enjoys Rapping and playen Basket-ball,and fighten Preps.Killah k met Metho in tha 8th grade year and we formed a group "THUGD OUT REAPAHS" and its been good from there..

After reading the previous paragraphs, two questions immediately spring to mind: what language was this biography originally written in, and what language was it then translated to? Oh yeah, watch out for the barrage of popup windows this mess contains. It's like a three-ring circus of interactive crap.

PS: Dey wants you ta sign da G-book, G-money!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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