Frenchguy's Personal Page, submitted by Mr. Bean. href="" target="_blank">Frenchguy's Personal Page (thanks Mr. Bean) - I WILL PAY SOMEBODY 15 BILLION DOLLARS TO MAKE THIS SITE GO AWAY FOREVER.

I am very romantic, very kind, i adapt myself to all kind of situations, i am not a stickers on your Bum ladies, but i am not invisible neither! I am very sociable, but who gives me *bleep*, i give him double :) I am not a rude person but if someone piss me off, i`ll tel him face to face to *bleep* off! I hate liars, and liars hate me, because i always know when someone is lying!I like honest people, they make my life easier! :) Well, for my future, i would like to be married with a beautiful woman, and with beautiful children! And my task will be to make my family as happy as i can!But no rush ladies, first, let me enjoy my My wife will be very lucky, i have been told being a very good massager! Ok, i stop now, because you ladies, are thinking too much right now :) Well, i am just a simple french guy for now! So, if you have to like me or love, it is the way i am, not for what i have or what i can do!!!!OK? :)

Dont forget to lick my G-spot!!!

Anybody on an Internet connection less than a T1 will experience a loading time of approximately 18 hours due to the tons and tons and tons of embedded movies, gifs, and God knows what else.

PS: He asks to sign his guestbook, so here it is. Unfortunately you have to go through some goofy login process to do so.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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