Something Smashing, submitted by . Fed up with the constant pointless babble that's featured daily on this site? Head on over to Tigvixxon's webpage, "Something Smashing", where you can be exposed to new and different pointless babble, a variety of pointless babble that is sure to turn your stomach quicker than an Ipecac Slurpee.

Many of you have heard and were asking or are dying to know...what kind of car would a sexy blonde like Tigvixxon drive? I always try to answer the important questions in life so hear it is. This is MAXX AVENGER my 1997 bad-ass Dodge Avenger. Go ahead gaze upon it SWEEEEEETTT!

You live to far away...How much money do you have?...How much do you make?….What kind of car do you drive?...Don't lie and say we'll just talk I am not in need of friends I have many….I will want to shop and you will like it too and smile about it….I get my way, ALWAYS….

Do you always look this good? Of course I do even better.

It's amazing how deluded some people can get. I blame it on violent video games.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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