Goal Software, submitted by . Bah, you kids with your crazy ultra-violent computer games and pixellated shotguns. In my day, we didn't have bloodthirsty, killing machine games like Doom and Corridor 7! We had quality software like Space Feline: The Rescue and Alien Conspiracy: You Know Too Much!

What... the... hell... is... this?

Space Feline I: The Rescue Is Made By The Creator Of Space Rukus. Its about a Kat.... Cat in Space. The adventure centers around our hero (Kat Mclone) Yeah he's the captain of the Katerprise. He loves Kat food........ Actually he's anything but an average household kittycat! He loves goofing off all the time though. He likes to get drunk occastionally! Oh yeah and he actually talks! Well all the cats in this game talk! He does have one spelling problem though..... He kinda likes to spell Cat with a K. But thats not such a big deal. The main plot around SF, is centered around a kidnapped cat. A female kitty-cat. Kat will go at anything to save her in Space Feline I: The Rescue!

Of course I probably shouldn't be expecting much high-quality software from a company that believes in creating a logo with one lens flare effect per letter of their name.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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