Dude have you heard of this new show? It's called iZombie, and get this - it's about a detective that's also a freaking zombie. There are 28 episodes of it so far - hour long episodes, too, not like a single five minute prank video uploaded to youtube on April 1st, actual real proper TV episodes. Yeah, on TV, the same thing the news is on. I mean, I guess if that's not enough for you, you could read this list of next season's TV lineup, as compiled by the wonderful posters from the SA Forums, but, whatever. OH dude have you heard of this new show? It's called Lucifer and it's about a detective that's also the freaking devil


she's a feminist. he's a men's rights activist. but they must find a way to work together to...........solve crime.


What do you do when the man you called to solve your loved ones murder is..... THE MURDERER?

This summer

Detective Murderer


A talented musician and washed-out cop-school cadet finds a classical guitar possessed with the spirit of a bitter, old and corrupt cop that was cursed before his brutal death at the hands of the criminals he was taking kickbacks from. By playing his sentient strings, the musician can unravel the clues to solve any crime. A match made in heaven... or is it? The guitar feels insanely insecure about being touched by a man due to his deeply internalized homophobia combined with his confusing feelings about other men. Can they make it work long enough to put his spirit to rest? Find out, this summer on the CW.

Piso Mojado

he's a thick-hearted detective out for justice, shes an evergreen dicot herb with culinary & medicinal uses. Together they're serving up "Hard Thyme".


He's a cop with the Capgras delusion. She's a detective with complete face blindness. This fall on FX, the Quite Dangerous To Themselves And Others Squad.


i'm a hard-boiled, experienced detective. when all my business was taken by zombies and ghost-wizards i was forced to found a bakery. i solve crime.

google THIS

Fred Flintstone is performing a primitive autopsy when the whistle blows. "Yabba dabba doo!" he shouts, waving his ungloved arms around, splattering gore everywhere, and dropping his tiny scalpel pterodactyl. The opening sequence then proceeds as normal except Fred never washes the blood off his hands and face.


in the year 2017 anime is real, also everyone is solving crimes


She solves crimes, he makes crimes and together they must solve crimes


She's a teen sister. He's a stay-at-home dad. Together they solve baby crimes... before mom comes from work.

"Dammit, Lindsey, you've really done it this time! I'm up to here with your bull! And Jeff, why would you encourage her? Both of you, hand me your badge and gun."


its a room full of monkeys on typewriters, and they solve crimes

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