Jew's Streetsweeper and GTZ, submitted by Alex. Generally speaking, when you're making a page dedicated to your "cool" cars, you don't want them to be a crappy 1990 Plymouth Voyager minivan and a GTZ that your inbred pal spraypainted the letters "GTZ" on.

There is the street sweaper it is my friend John's. It is a 1990 Plymouth Voyager, that thing used to look like shit

I would say it is really my mission cause it is my page and , no one else is helpin me , so it is all mine..My missoin is to show people our cars ,, and make money .

Keep the dream alive, folks... because once your dream dies, what do you have left? A filthy, dirty, worthless minivan and some bass-filled stereo system you spent a few hundred thousand million dollars on.

Oh yeah, you have a guestbook too.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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