WeLcOmE tO bAcKsTrEeT bOyS', submitted by Disco Jane. My vote will also go to whichever politician imposes the death penalty for making a site like this.

HeLlO, wElCoMe To ThE bAcKsTrEeT bOyS' gIrLfRiEnD wEbSiTe. In ThIs WeBsItE yOu WiLl FiNd A lOt Of StUfF yOu DiDn'T kNoW bEfOrE. YuP, tHiS iS tOp ScErEt. ShHhHh.....WeLl EnJoY yOuRsElVEs WhIlE yOu SeE wHo Is GoInG oUt WiTh YoUr FaVe BoY! ReMeMbEr ThIs Is Top ScErEt. AgAiN tHaNk YoU fOr ViSiTiNg ThIs WeBsItE. NoW tAkE a DeEp BrEaTh AnD MeEt ThE gIrL tHaT's GoInG oUt WiTh YoUr FaVe BaCkStReEt BoY.

Hey lady, I think your keyboard's broke. It's not? Oh, then I think your brain's broke. If anybody can find one square inch of this page that doesn't make them physically ill, you deserve some kind of major award.

PS: tHeRe'S a GuEsTbOoK yOu CaN sIgN. Aaagh, writing that just filled me with limitless rage.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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