The "NIGGAH" Collection, submitted by . Out of raw curiosity, I decided to do a search on AOL for any members' sites which had the word "NIGGAH" in them, because I'm so amused by wiggy wiggy werd up whiteboys who seem to use that word in every other sentence on their homepages. It was interesting to note that the AOL search engine won't look up the word "niggah" because it "violates member guidelines", but it is perfectly fine with "NIGGAH." Anyway, the results will shock and amaze you.

If YoU AiN't On ThiS PaGe I GoT No LoVe FoR YoU ! - BeNNiE U a FronTiN As5 NiGGaH BuT U StiLL MaH NiGGah-DoN't WoRRy iF u Do GeT WitH CharMaNe wE WoN't MaKe FuN oF YoU- ChRiSSy(BeNNie'S LiTTle BrO)DoN't FaLL iN LoVe WiT KaT ... ShE Is SicK iN ThE HeaD!LoL J/K KeeP DyinG Ur HaiR BacK StreeT! TaKe iT ofF iF YoU Na MeaN AnThoNy(BeNNiE and ChriS' OldEr BroThaH) KeeP BanGiN PaQui... LoL I aM BeTTeR ThaN AlL ThoSe SucKa'S aT MpB- AgE DoN't MaTTeR U FaG My MaiN NiGGaH EdDdDd- StoP WoRRyinG aBouT Ur MaMa... WhaT MaMa WoN't KnoW WoN't HurT HeR

LiL' MeNaCe WeBpAgE - Im OuT DaT YaH AreA...VaLlEy Of HoEz...V-ToWn...VaLlEj0...StRaIgHt Up ouT Da HilLz...CeMErOnZ...RiGhT NeXt Ta DaT GoOd OlD TrIpPlE-C......FoR YaLl DaT AiNt KnoWiNn CrEsT SiDe NiGgAh....

MyXXeD OnEz PaGe - WeLL...HeLLo aLL U PeeP-0 0ut theRe In InTeRnEt LaNd...HowZit...I GuEsS We ShOuLd CuT 2 ThE ChAsE HuH?? I Am A FeMaLe FrUm MiLiLaNi HaWaII (ReC 3 StOnEy PrYDe 4 LyPh) LeMMe MaKe SuM ShOuT OuTs FiRsT: JiGGa...HeR ChIcKah aN MaH FrEn AsHLeY...MaH BeST FrEN TooT...StEpHOn...ReD NeCk...AnDrEw..An To MaH NiGGaHs and AsS GrAbbAhs: TiJuAn ScOtT HoKu Britani Aaron JulieTte JaNnOn An ToMMy MaH YoUnGeR FrENs: FrEd (AnOtHeR NiGGaH 4 LyPh) MaX..An MaTT... Ill never FOrGeT NoNe Of Ya'll!!

Mz Bo0TayFuLL · MaMii - waddup ya*ll..wutz da deal..dis be dat yummii lushuz mamii reppin da 718 n0 d0ubtz sha0lin style..kn0wn as *carmen* but b.k.a *mita*..dis page basically be all ab0ut meeh ;]..n i kn0w ya*ll niggahz .y. nosey bytchez is interested..cuz othawise y0 stank assez w0uldn't be all up in dis na meanz..aight well here sum alm0st legal which meanz im 17 f0r ya*ll sl0w headz...chillen up in nyc bklyn .y. sha0lin..miixxed mamii b0ricua · italiana · cubana...tyte mixx ryte? ;]..yesh i g0t picz but umm chillz dunt be imin meeh or e-mailin meeh lyke sum bug·bo0 i aint even wid dat..so0o relax ya*ll happily taken by mah fyne azz hubbie g0d dayum mah babii bo0 lo0kz go0d ;]..fug all ya*ll hatahz dunt hate cuz ya*ll can have wut we are sharin t0getha yew's hatahz can just walk on by..anywayz i love you so0o much po0kie yew mah werld mah lyfe mah hart ;] *smoochiez .y. huggesh*..

Off DaH WoOk!!! - SuP QUe PaSa ???I be JaVie a 19 MaLe FrOm ThE RuN DoWn SoUth BrOnX WaT? Im 6'4 180lbs blk hair brN EyEz i Enjoy Long walks in DaH BeAcH GoiNg To CaFe's And PrIvaTe NytEs At Home.WRONG!!!!!!!!! ThiS NIGGaH Is JuSt Trying To LiVe =)

The Slim Ass Chick with the Lil Fatty>yall know! - nah man i aint finish i just want yall to know chloe's about to do her in the rhyming biz......on the low and fuck yall niggahs out there that think i wont make it or constantly always have sumthing to say about me and what i do .......just GO HEAD! its a WRAP for yall cuz all yall do is hate and yall love me so much because "IM THAT NIGGAH" 1

Hey all you aspiring psychology students out there, I think we just tapped into about 16 million potential term papers and case studies. I have no clue how many of these terrible monsters are wiggy wiggy werd up whiteboys, because I can't decode a damn word from any of these pages. Somebody please lobby Babblefish to translate between "Niggah AOL Language" and English...

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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