WELCOME in the COBRA clan!, submitted by PessimiStick. By far, one of the greatest clan sites ever. From pages with eye-burning backgrounds to a clan story which will make you laugh until your lungs explode, this clan has it all. Don't believe me? Then have a taste of pain, fiend!

In time in which in world of TRIBES flew quietly life, arisen silently a brave warrior of unknown origins, its name is NEON. To take remedy to injustices of this world convoked 2 brave warriors PROTEUS and KRONOS that they would have helped it with supreme fidelity in its intent to impose its law in world of TRIBES. So it arose cobra CLAN. Only stronger spirits and brave warriors could enter into making part. With passing some time, NEON, supreme LEADER of the CLAN imposed its domain in a large area of called planet I supply "cursed earth". It sorted at PROTEUS and KRONOS to go in unknown territories in searches of worthy warriors to make part of the CLAN to take them at him in way to subject them at a very hard trial of fight. >. Many men tried............. It has they failed. Reached now a good number of brave NEON warriors will be able to reach its intent.................... NEON (generals LEADER), PROTEUS (LEADER of attack) and KRONOS (LEADER of defence) thank all their exceptional warriors

Thank God for Babblefish, or else us English-speakin' hicks wouldn't be privy to such wonderful webpages. Be prepared for tons of exploding animated gifs, stolen pictures of snakes, and spooky embedded MIDI. It's like I died and went to... well, it's like I died.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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