Statesnames (a)R' US(E) as Legaliz, submitted by Ghastly Ashley. Whomever can find out what in the flying hell this page is all about wins a cookie. Everybody else gets to go blind and murder all nearby employees.

The supposed "really''- Celtic (`even ke`lTi c) pi(l)gramshadaslavery of ancestry; not thiers though. The Indians knew `by saying ''pale face's'' they mean(t) the darker crews of so`- seen "left U'p "white" -"but Blacks andpure white-cro magnonandIndians were all contested as "toolife" and any incivilent judged self-calling as virtue, brought STOMPED out:' and/or slavery: Depending on the crime- -not thesurvival rate `on.Witches had been bred amidst "scRaP" of A'eand fathers went to try to communicate;' they.'' Witches then as predicted 'Mutilated,wouldkill the remains oftheir fathers and'/mothersthe pilgrams revived\ or '//destroyed at the sites where they alledged brought down /ANui`ancer's./ As with the children (/ /pre-calledwitches THEN as it /'ON AFTERBIRTH`eSborn concise)`/ /somehow missed like Dolly the sheep missed on- -just another embryo:`Theythough eventually destroyed.' Eventually leDto burned "alive" them "BoTh, but and then no one left tobe fighting being calls'of 'slavery.|'//Perhaps something was done by todaythe" fooled upproblems ofanscestry 'ofEurope;" but so history another agehere isunpresentablethough aspre-cro maybe. (Hence drags, primitive race by the homo-Sloth relatedpolicie-e`r sloth-men.)BUT THEY WERE BURNED BEFORE BEING PRE-CALLED WITCHES- -Because the "cRo Father `was stopped """SLAVERY."" Mentally. Eventually they gotten his dick after Salem and burned.

Jesus X. Christ, and I thought l33t haX0rs had the worst text formatting and writing style out there. The nut who runs this page also gives you the opportunity to link to his page... for a mere $10-25 contribution! Since I'm sure the money will go to help a physician pump a few quarts of lithium into this guy's system, the donation is probably worth it. Sites like this just scare the hell out of me for some reason.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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