Dragonmage, submitted by Bob. For those of you wondering what you get when you cross an incredibly terrible web comic with HTML skills that can be best approximated by opening notepad and hitting your keyboard with a folding chair, HERE IS YOUR ANSWER. Dragonmage is what I can only assume is the autobiographical comic of Alex Flaks. Not surprisingly, it revolves around a wizard who, much like Alex, is having little success in trying to use magic to conjure a companion.Here's a bit of advice "Dragonmage": first try brushing your teeth. If you still can't conjure a companion, I hear Hustler has ads in the back with all sorts of wonderful companions you can buy. No magic is needed save the wondrous powers of water based lubricant!

please note that there are html errors all over this site but that is because keenspace' automatic thingamagigy is screwed up on my site...snif....and i do have a new message board, the link to it is under the comic strip, Thankyou and goodnight!

Normally when I point out a guest book I am gleefully expecting you SA goons to rape it and then spit on it, but this time Dragonmage's guest book is virgin, so be gentle. Wait for the second date to post something from goatse.cx.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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