X-files Shipper Fic by Livasnaps, submitted by R-Lo. Thank goodness Lowtax managed to turn up an X-Files erotic "Shipper Fic" site with a dog snack reference in the title. He managed to accomplish this by searching for "Rascal Scooter" in Alta Vista, which naturally brings into question the viability of that search engine. The site itself is actually fairly well done if you like Frames layouts, with a digusting number of pictures of Mulder and Scully from the X-files hugging and touching and doing things that should be kept behind closed doors. The fanfiction is horrifyingly long and organized with "neat" little logos for all the stories.

She smiled her approval and longing as he stood lean and naked before her, and she was stunned by the absolute perfection of him. He was exactly what she wanted, all that she wanted, and, she finally admitted to herself, had wanted for a very long time. She drank in the sight of him as she ran her hands slowly up his body. They paused as they encountered several rows of scars across his ribcage, a remnant of his encounter with that feral woman in New Jersey. She bent and ran lines of light kisses along the scars. There were other scars from other battles in Mulder's war for the truth. So many wounds and so many more that weren't visible. She raised her head and ran her tongue around the ridges of the small scar at his left shoulder, the one she'd given him.

Hot, I guess, I don't know, that dog piece has left me sexually and emotionally confused. I only had time to read one of these wonderful stories but I am really hoping there was one story about "Leech Man". He was my favorite character next to Mumulon on the X-Files. I think if they had Leech Man and Mumulon or even Leech Man and Skinner in the same story, you know, just sitting around making out or relaxing in a hot tub, that would be pretty erotic. Heck, I'll give it a shot.

Leech Man liked to suck things and Skinner kept this in his mind as he approached the gray-skinned man nervously. Sometimes he sucked blood, other times he sucked sexy things like pants or combs. It was very sweaty in the sauna and Leech Man still had his eyes closed. Suddenly he lashed out and grabbed Skinners hands and Skinner could see Leech Man's "suck time" eyes. Suddenly Skinner was on his back and Leech Man was sucking on his shirt sleeve. He sucked Skinner's shirt sleeve in a very sexy way, like those straws that are all swirly are sexy. Suddenly Mumulon burst into the sauna, his loin cloth glittering and bejewled. Suddenly Mumulon was removing his loin cloth and revealing the treasure of the Pharaohs.

"Now that's Majestic," moaned Skinner, staring at Mumulon's royal girth.

Good lord. That's all of that I can write. I need to go cut off my fingers so I can never touch a keyboard again.

P.S. - Livasnaps Beggin Strips has a guestbook just waiting to be signed!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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