Stomped, submitted by Lowtax. For those of you who didn't read yesterday's ALoD, it was about a can-do webmaster by the name of "Jimmy G". When he was searching for the perfect design for his site, he decided Something Awful would be the perfect template to use. By "template" I naturally mean this kid stole every single aspect of his site from us. Last night I discovered what goes around comes around. It turns out wee Jimmy runs another web site called The Next Generation that features great original design, incredible Dragonball Z wrestling, and just generally some of the best content I have ever seen. What was shocking though was realizing that gaming web site had lifted his entire design for their crappy ripoff gaming site. Just look:

This site has nothing to do with
******** ******* ******!
We are just a group of friends who
have made our own website and like
talking to eachother on the net...
We appologise if people have got the
wrong impression and if you are offended
by any of our content Let us Know!

They made their own web site and once again you are not seeing double! Stomped has ripped off this poor kid's entire design! Talk about ethics and karma, I guess whatever pointed his leeching browser in the direction of Something Awful was also the divine force behind making sure the corrupt staff of Stomped found The Next Generation. At least they had the dignity not to steal his wonderful animated title graphic or his totally awesome photos of Dragonball Z wrestling antics. Still, they are jerks, and so is this Jimmy G character.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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