The Frying Pan Web Site, submitted by USA Geek. Ahem, now that we're over and done with that little story, let's head to an all new plateau of horror and the unknown. The Frying Pain is a mediocre web comic that frequently makes very little sense. The Frying Pan Web Site is a punishment I would not wish on any man. This is tiled in the background.

I have come out of my current case of writer's block and am springing with ideas for my next book. Whereas my previous joints have made fun of anything and everything, this one will be a more personal affair as I have gone through the roughest battle of my life. The working title is "Cold Death Stare."

Wow, what a happy camper! Maybe he will entrance us with his hypno pattern web site and resource hogging JAVA applets! He certainly hypnotized me into being unable to read any of the fucking text without selecting it. In addition to doing web comics that are by and large absolutely unfunny, "Fiver" as he calls himself is also a batshit insane artist.

Hooray! Someone has access to Paint Shop Pro and loves using image filters. I want this guy off my internet.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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