Homiez, submitted by waesa. Okay, maybe I'm just really dense and lack the mental capacity to figure out the deep and philosophical meaning behind "Homiez," but I honestly can't find a single reason why the Internet hasn't forcibly regurgitated this monstrosity out of its digital digestive system. I'm aware that the online world is known for its vast supply of utterly worthless and shitty comics, but Homiez... boy, I'm just not smart enough to generate enough negative adjectives to describe this foxhole of idiocy.

Alright, now keep in mind that is an ENTIRE comic strip right there. That's the whole strip. If that wasn't awful enough, and so God help me it really is, there are approximately infinity-plus-one of these things littered all over the site like the wreckage from a drunk driving accident. Fortunately this murder-machine was discontinued a year ago, so the risk of Homiez returning to destroy us all is quite low... although if you make the mistake of visiting this site, you'll realize this is a mixed blessing. Take note to the fact that the author links to Friend Bear and Badtech on his site, two "comics" which are both equally repulsive and brain-liquefyingly terrible.

Goddammit, now I just remembered how much I hate Badtech. Pretend that's the Awful Link of the Day as well. Hell, just make 99.9% of all Internet comics Awful Links of the Day and we'll call it even.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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