Battle Monsters Home Page, submitted by Mike. I've been staring at this site for what seems like at least 19 seconds, trying my hardest to figure out what the hell "Battle Monsters" is or why anybody would create a site dedicated to them, much less a site with a neon green background. From what I can tell, "Battle Monsters" is some type of incredibly retarded Pokemon ripoff created by incredibly retarded people. I'm not exactly sure what gave me this impression, but I'll try to put together some examples so perhaps you'll be able to tell where I'm coming from here.

Battle Monsters Home Page
Welcome! Heres the place where real live battles take place! This is Battle Monsteria, the city made of Battle Monsters.

Hi. This is the farmer. Golem is a good monster that protects the farm, he is ultra strong, and tough, but he is dumb and slow. He is a great monster with brute strength. Good with a power strategy I recon.(made by Mr.Scotiasoft)

Howdy partner! We've rounded up cattle, for to to breed and battle with. This Cow has got the moves and groove to make itself rejuevinate its HP!(Submitted by Happydayz729)

Wow! Where do I sign up? Perhaps one of the many broken links scattered across the site? Or on a page that apparently hasn't existed ever in any form whatsoever? Maybe this text selection will help me make sense of this enigma!

I made battle Monsters for you guys. I have some cool hints to tell you Battle Monsters are all good, but the best are the random monsters A problem with these are you have a 30% chance of getting a whinyworm, ant and firefly, the worst monsters.

Perhaps not!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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